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Our survey has shown that a large number of families have minimal experience with Phonics.

If you are not familiar with the Phonics system, you are advised to purchase the FANTASTIC PHONICS ESSENTIALS, a package of printable resources which will teach you how to teach your child. You can purchase HERE.

The ESSENTIALS PACK will explain how Phonics works, how you can teach your child to "sound out" words, how you can prepare your child's "Phonemic Awareness" ... and will help you avoid common mistakes - like "sight reading" - which can create long term reading issues.

    • 60 Printable Books
    • Complete Guide to Teaching Phonics,
    • 60 Instruction Guides,
    • Phonemic Awareness Guides,
    • Letter Flashcards,
    • Dolch Wordlists, and more.
  • Gently graded, 100% Decodable Readers
  • Mapped to Digital Version
  • 11 million users worldwide
  • Used extensively in Australia & US public schools
  • Montessori and faith-based schools

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