Teach the World to Read


Over the years, we have had many, many comments about Fantastic Phonics. This is a sample of just a few.

“Using Early Reading with a class of students suffering from Autism and a Moderate to Severe Intellectual Disability. Getting great engagement with 3 students now reading…one student has reached book 15 (Level 1) in only 4 weeks. Amazing to hear ’non-verbal’ (or so I was informed earlier) students read with improving speech and articulation.”

(Australian private school teacher)

“Very interested in your phonic reader program. Have heard very good reviews about them and how they are easy for children that are having difficulties in this area. I am an AP in the infants department at a school in Lithgow NSW.”

(NSW Regional school teacher)

“Hi, I am a Reading Recovery Teacher and I work with Koori children at Bairnsdale Primary School in Victoria. I have have just found out about your program and tried the samples, and got amazing results first day. Please sign us on.”

(Victorian Regional school teacher)

“I teach ESL in a Brooklyn, NY public school with a high immigrant population represented by many countries and languages. My job is to not only teach them speaking, but also
reading in English. I have tried the samples with the children and they have progressed rapidly, so I am very keen to continue. I have a smartboard, so this is perfect for me.”

(New York City school teacher)

“We have incorporated your program into our new MiniLit program in Victoria, and I must say, as a long term literacy teacher, I am impressed how effective they are. We have to cater for the needs of our students coming from a diverse background such as refugees from Somalia, low income families and students with special needs.”

(Victorian Regional school teacher)

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