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What an amazing year 2020 has turned out to be!
It seems that everything is changing - and its up to YOU to make sure your child is not left behind. The most precious gift you can give to your child is the ability to read, because every success in life follows from that skill.

When the schools shut down, we made our Fantastic Digital Edition FREE.
Every young family is looking for a online reading program, and Fantastic Phonics has helped over 11 million children around the world to read.

The combination of our Fantastic Essentials and a Free Fantastic Digital gives you the ultimate online and offline reading program.

Do I need Fantastic Essentials?
Yes - most parents do not know how to teach Phonics. Fantastic Essentials provides Parents with the training and confidence to teach their children how to excel at reading.

Fantastic Essentials - AU $49
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Download "Introduction to Fantastic Phonics"

If you are not familiar with Phonics.
Then Fantastic Essentials is made for you - it contains a structured Phonics program of 60 modules, and each step-by-step module contains essential information for parents to teach their children ...

    • the core skill of Phonemic Awareness – the knowledge of sounds essential for reading
    • how to avoid “sight reading”
    • how to train your child in the “sounding out” strategy
    • how to isolate sounds and connect them with letters
    • how to successfully decode unknown words
    • how to decode multi-syllable words
    • how to correctly sound out vowel blends and consonant blends
    • how to use “Onset and Rime” technique for rapid decoding
    • Homophones – words that sound identical with different meanings/spellings
    • introduction to longer Rhyming and Prose texts
    • extended vocabulary development including multi-syllable words
    • how to create simple sentences
    • plus higher level concepts of Present, Future and Past Tense
    • prefixes such as “un”, “dis” and “im”
    • suffixes such as “ful”, “able”, and “ness”

If you are NOT familiar with these concepts - these are core to Phonics - then Fantastic Essentials will give YOU the information to properly teach your child.

How do I access the FREE Fantastic Digital Edition?
You can register and login here. Once you are registered, login and you will be guided to the Digital Edition.

Can I see a sample of Fantastic Essentials?
The first five Books in the Digital Edition have the Fantastic Essentials available to download.

Additionally we have included a sample of Book 12 below.

    • Short, gently graded Decodable Book – the essential core of the Program
    • Each Book has Complete Parent’s Guide – a step-by-step “instruction manual” for the PARENT – Download Sample Now
    • Printable Worksheets – shared activities where parents can guide children through a range of essential skills – Download Sample Now
    • Additional Short Rhyming Stories to extend vocabulary, syllable knowledge, ‘sound awareness’ and test skills – Download Sample Now
    • Handwriting Worksheets to develop skills and push words into memory – Download Sample Now

What if I can't afford Fantastic Essentials? If you need it but can't afford it, join with other parents and we'll provide a bulk discount - you can get your copy FREE!

Or, talk to your School - we can provide a School and Home License that allows parents to download their own copy for use at home.

We will support you.
We have added a Support Forum so families can ask questions, seek advice, and get help with understanding Phonics. You can find the Support Forum HERE.

Do you have research?
Of course! Read government research here. It showed that compared to other systems, Fantastic Phonics achieved an improvement of 487%.

Teachers and Schools
This site provides the Fantastic Phonics Family License. Schools and commercial operations cannot use this license.

Schools can purchase a School License at www.early-reading.com

    • A Onsite School License allows a school to use the Printable and Digital Edition within the School boundaries (Schools cannot distribute the printed or digital program).
    • A School and Home License allows the School to combine Onsite and Home Learning – with each School and Home license, a school can distribute the program to an agreed number of families.
    • Schools can also elect to install the entire Fantastic Phonics Books and Digital Editions on their school servers.

Please make contact if you are interested in these extended Licenses.

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