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Fantastic Phonics in Australia

Fantastic Phonics in Australia

Fantastic Phonics originates from Australia, and has spread throughout the world.

Feeling Good -  Book 2 Healthy LivingFoundation Reading
In Australia, it is used by approximately half of Australian schools, as either a Foundation Learning program, or as a remedial or special needs program.

Remedial Reading
The program is used in conjunction with Minilit, the special needs program developed by Macquarie University, NSW.

When a child has been assessed as a "struggling reader", it is most likely that Fantastic Phonics will be the literacy tool which will assist his or her reading.

Autism Spectrum
For children with Autism Spectrum, and Dyslexia, Fantastic Phonics provides almost guaranteed success with reading progress. We have many unsolicited comments from parents and teachers which indicate that Fantastic Phonics has a high level of success with particularly autism spectrum children.

Indigenous schools
Fantastic Phonics has been donated to more than 270 schools with Indigenous students, and is used in particularly challenging, remote schools with considerable success.

In the APY Lands, for example, Fantastic Phonics was invited to provide Phonics training to the teachers at Fregon Anangu School, 186 Kilometres south of Ayers Rock.

Healthy Living Series
Fantastic Phonics produced 80,000 literacy books for Indigenous children, called the "Healthy Living" Series. The books provide a light-hearted view of key issues found in Indigenous communities. They are available free from Aboriginal Literacy Foundation, who funded the books.

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