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Fantastic Essentials is designed for parents.
When we made our Fantastic Digital free for families during the COVID crisis, we were overwhelmed by the demand ... but we discovered that most parents were not confident in teaching Phonics.

Fantastic Essentials is for Parents who want to teach their children to read - but need essential information on how to teach phonics. The Package consists of 60 modules of step-by-step structured program - if you follow the steps, your child will learn to read, not just competently, but excellently.

    • 60 gently graded Phonic Readers which are fully decodable and printable
    • a full Parent Guide for each module, which teaches parents how to teach Phonics
    • Shared Worksheets for parents and child to work through together, teaching the child the decoding and reading process
    • Handwriting Worksheets to train eye-hand coordination and drive words into memory

Some children are visual learners, others are auditory learners
And Fantastic Phonics takes care of both. Fantastic Essentials is mapped directly to Fantastic Digital - your child can combine audio and visual skills as they step through the structured program.

Your child will achieve reading success - simply by stepping through the Program - with you as teacher.

Do I need Fantastic Essentials?
Unless you are very familiar with Phonics, you may end up teaching your child "sight reading" - where they remember the shape or the words, or letter content - which is responsible for most dyslexia and reading problems.

Fantastic Essentials teaches these core skills ...

    • the core skill of Phonemic Awareness – the knowledge of
      sounds essential for reading
    • how to avoid “sight reading”
    • how to train your child in the “sounding out” strategy
    • how to isolate sounds and connect them with letters
    • how to successfully decode unknown words
    • how to decode multi-syllable words
    • how to correctly sound out vowel blends and consonant blends
    • how to use “Onset and Rime” technique for rapid decoding
    • Homophones – words that sound identical with different meanings/spellings
    • introduction to longer Rhyming and Prose texts
    • extended vocabulary development including multi-syllable words
    • how to create simple sentences
    • plus higher level concepts of Present, Future and Past Tense
    • prefixes such as “un”, “dis” and “im”
    • suffixes such as “ful”, “able”, and “ness”

If you are NOT familiar with these concepts - these are core to Phonics - then Fantastic Essentials will give YOU the information to properly teach your child.

Your children won't teach themselves to read
Learning to read is the first challenge in a child's education, and unless its done correctly, it can severely limit all other efforts. But if you get this part right, all other education becomes much easier.

The shift to Online and Home Schooling is a fundamental change which puts more pressure on parents, and Fantastic Phonics has developed Fantastic Essentials to help make your time more productive, with a guaranteed end result, if you follow the structure.

An Australian teacher talks about Fantastic Phonics ...

“Using Fantastic Phonics with a class of students suffering from Autism and a Moderate to Severe Intellectual Disability. Getting great engagement with 3 students now reading…one student has reached book 15 (Level 1) in only 4 weeks. Amazing to hear ’non-verbal’ (or so I was informed earlier) students read with improving speech and articulation.”

Check the Government research
Or download the original research report

English-as-Second-Language: If your family does not speak English at home, Fantastic Phonics has EXTENSIVE ESL support. The Digital and Multimedia has AUDIO of all the words, the way they are sounded, and videos of how to teach.

Together with Fantastic Essentials, they make ESL learning as simple ... as 1-2-3.

Become a teacher for other families.
Do you need to earn extra income? Teaching children how to read with Fantastic Phonics is the perfect home based business than can earn you extra money - once you have taught your child with Fantastic Essentials, why stop there?

You can earn great money by teaching Fantastic Phonics. We have helped thousands of people to build a business - Fantastic Essentials is all you need to earn an income.

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