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Fantastic Phonics in Australia

Fantastic Phonics funded to 250 remote and Indigenous Australian schools

Aboriginal Literacy Foundation has distributed Fantastic Phonics to 250 plus schools with high proportions of Aboriginal students.

As a downloadable, printable reading program, Fantastic Phonics is a low cost, highly effective teaching instrument. It is gently graded, and scientific; it helps children form the connection between visual cues and sound, in a process we call "phonic decoding"

For too many years,students have been fed randomised, unstructured reading material with no real point of natural beginning, whereas with Fantastic Phonics, the program begins at a logical entry and builds progressively on the knowledge.

Autistic and Disabled Children in Australian Schools

We can do no more than reprint a comment made by a professional educator working with autistic and disabled children;

"Currently using Early Reading with a class of students suffering from Autism and a Moderate to Severe Intellectual Disability. Getting great engagement with 3 students now reading ... one student has reached book 15 (Level 1) in only 4 weeks. Amazing to hear 'non-verbal' (or so I was informed earlier) students read with improving speech and articulation. I recommend Fantastic Phonics to consultants who manage classes with both children with a disability and early reading students."

(Jim Charlton, of the NSW Department of Education in Australia, james.charlton@det.nsw.edu.au)

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